V grade: The Correction of the Second Written Work

I Look at the picture and write questions for the answers


Group A

1.       How high is this house?

It’s 15 m high.

2.       How wide is this pool?

It’s 12 m wide.

3.       How heavy is this man?

He’s 80 kg.


Group B

1.       How high is this tree?

It’s 4 m high.

2.       How tall is this man?

He’s 1.81 m tall.

3.      How long is this pool?

It’s 25 m long.


II Write comparative form of the adjectives.


1.       The USA is much bigger than Serbia.

2.      His computer is more expensive than your computer.

3.      Today it is windier than it was yesterday.

4.      This bridge is wider than that bridge.

5.      His project is better than her project.                                                   

1.       My bag is heavier than your bag.

2.      I think Serbian is more difficult than English.

3.      Autumn is cooler than summer.

4.      She is nicer than Mike.

5.      My painting is worse than your painting.                                              



III Write the superlative form of the adjectives.


1.       This is the worst holiday in the world.

2.      He is the nicest boy I know.

3.      She is the most beautiful girl in our class.

4.      Mike is the tallest.

5.      This road is the busiest road in our town.                                                  

1.       This is the best summer holiday I ever had.

2.      The Atacama Desert is the driest place in the world.

3.      My grandfather is the oldest person in our family.

4.      She is the most interesting girl in our class.

5.      Spring is the wettest season of the year.                                                         


IV Write what the weather is.


1. It’s windy.  2. It’s cloudy.  3. It’s dry.                    4.  It’s snowing.  5.  It’s cold.

1. It’s hot.    2. It’s sunny.  3.  It’s wet.                      4 .It’s raining.    5. It’s windy.


V Complete.


1.       That dog is as black as night.

2.      This building is as high as a mountain.

3.      My suitcase was as heavy as lead.

4.      Her hands are as warm as toast.                                                                              

1.       My school bag is as light as a feather.

2.      That cat is as white as snow.

3.      Her eyes are as blue as the sky.

4.      This bread is as dry as a bone.                                                                               



VI Label  the picture. 


1.a lake 2. An island 3.a river 4. A tunnel  5. A cliff

1.a lake 2. An island 3. A river 4. A tunnel 5. A cliff


VII Translate.

1.       Sjedinjene Američke Države imaju 30 miliona stanovnika.

2.      Najveći grad u SAD je Njujork.

3.      Nik živi na severo-zapadu Engleske. 

4.      London je glavni grad Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva. On je veoma veliki grad.

5.      U Škotskoj ima puno brda i Loh Nes je duboko jezero.                                                

1.       Sjedinjene Američke Države su četvrte po veličini zemlja u svetu.

2.      Zastava SAD se zove “Zvezde i pruge.”

3.      Elis živi na jugo-istoku Engleske. 

4.      Ima puno ostrva oko obale Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva.

5.      U Škotskoj, možeš ići na skijanje zimi.                                                                                       




Write comparative or superlative:


1.       Tanya is shorter than Gina.

2.      Monday is the worst day of the week.

3.      Summer is the best season of the year. I love it because it is warmer than the other three seasons.


1.       The living room is the biggest room in my house.

2.      The Danube river is longer than the Morava river.

3.      A cheetah is the speediest animal in the world. It is faster than any other animal






0-11 =1

11-17 =2

17-23 =3

23-29 =4

29-35 =5


+ 4 extra points


























































Project: My favourite animal