Test Preparation (5th grade)

Hi, there. Ready for some practice? The test is near so let’s get started.


I Use the Present Continuous or the Present Simple Tense. (Upotrebi sadasnje trajno ili sadasnje prosto vreme)

1.     They ________ (have) lunch now.

2.     He ________ (get) up at 7 o’clock every morning.

3.     ______ you ______ (vacuum) the floor every day?

4.     ______ he always ______ (watch) TV in the evening?

5.     ______ they ______ (cook) the dinner at the moment?

6.     She ______ (not smile) in this picture.

7.     Look! It _______ (rain).

8.     Listen! Sonia ________ (sing).

9.     I _______ (not often do) the shopping.

10. She _______ (not take) the rubbish out every day.

11. When ______ you usually _______ (go) to school?

12. What ______ he normally _______ (eat) for breakfast?

13. Who ______ she ________ (phone) now?

14. What ______ you _______ (drink) at the moment?


II Put the adverbs of frequency in the right place in the sentence. (Napisi prilog za ucestalost iz zagrade na odgovarajuce mesto u recenici)

1.     I don’t set the table.  (often)

2.     She plays golf at the weekend. (normally)

3.     Tania visits her grandparents on Saturday. (sometimes)

4.     George is happy. (usually)

5.     He doesn’t get up late on Sunday. (normally)

6.     I am lonely. (never)

7.     They are friendly. (always)


III Write the dates as we write them and as we say them. (Napisi datume onako kako ih pisemo i izgovaramo).

5/2    We write: 5 February     We say: the fifth of February

1.     12/3

2.     22/8

3.     7/12

4.     10/11

5.     23/9

6.     1/7

7.     30/5


III Answer the questions.  (Odgovori na pitanja)

1.     What’s your favourite month?

2.     When’s your birthday?

3.     When do you start school?

4.     When do you go on summer holiday?

5.     When do you go on winter holiday?

6.     What’s the third month of the year?

7.     What’s the ninth month of the year?

8.     What do you usually do at the weekend?

9.     What do you never watch on TV?

10. How often do you tidy your room?

11. How often do you wash up?


IV Write what the animals in the photos are doing.











V Circle the correct pronoun. (Zaokruzi odgovarajucu zamenicu)

1.     I’ve got a dog called Mimi. I / Me feed she / her every day. I / Me like she / her very much.

2.     Mum, there’s a new horror film on TV tonight. Can I / Me watch it, please?

3.     There are two new baby kangaroos in the zoo. Can we / us see they / them, please?

4.     My car is broken. Can you take he / him to the train station, please?

5.     She / Her is my best friend. She / Her tells I / me all her secrets.

6.     They / Them are my teachers.

7.     He / Him lives in Dimitrovgrad.

8.     The alarm wakes I / me up at 6.30 every morning.

9.     He / Him loves they / them and they / them love he / him.


VI Give advice. Use must and the words in the box. (Daj savet koristeci must i date reci)

Clean it     feed him     tidy it    go to bed early      wash up     eat      have a drink


For example:

A: I am very thirsty.  B: ___________________.

B: You must have a drink.

1.     A: My room is dirty.  B: You ___________________.

2.     A: Our dog is hungry. B: We ___________________.

3.     A: My bike is dirty.  B: You ___________________.

4.     A: We are very tired.  B:You ___________________.

5.     A: All our plates, knives, forks and glasses are dirty.  B: We _________________.

6.     A: She is so hungry. B:She ___________________.






Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Hello, my dear pupils!

Let’s take a look at the difference between the Present Simple and Present Continuous once again and practice a little bit later.

You all know we use the Present Simple to talk about actions that happen regularly or repeat. On the other hand, we use the Present Continuous when we talk about actions happening now, at the moment of speaking.

Here’s a list of signal words used for the Present Simple or Present Continuous Tense.

The Present Simple Tense

The Present Continuous Tense

Every (day, week, month, year, summer, winter, afternoon…)

Always,usually, normally, sometimes,

often, not often, regularly, never, rarely



At the moment



In this picture…


Now, let’s get down to practice.

I Use the Present Simple or the Present Continuous form of the verb in brackets.

  1. Every day, I ________ (go) to the sports centre. My friends and I often ________ (play) volleyball there.
  2. Listen! Somebody _______ (knock) at the door.
  3. I ________ (not drink) Coke every day but my brother always ________ (drink) it.
  4. Look! Mum _________ (come) back home.
  5. Tom _______ (do) his homework in the afternoon. He ________ (not do) it in the evening.
  6. Today, the sun __________ (shine) and the weather is nice.
  7. Maya never ________ (get) up at 6 o’clock.
  8. At the moment,  you _______ (not play) in the park because you are _________ (practise) English grammar
  9. George normally  ________ (play) basketball with his friends but today, he __________ (ride) a bike.
  10. We ________ (live) in Serbia.

II Describe what the animals are doing. Start the sentences with In this picture, …


In this picture, the dog is hiding.






puppiesGood luck!

See you in class!