Test Preparation (5th grade)

test-your-englishSince our test is quite near (5 February), here are some exercises for you to practice. The exercises deal with the Unit 3 grammar and vocabulary such as the Past Simple Tense (regular and irregular verbs), the Past Simple form of the verb BE and holiday vocabulary. I hope these exercises will help you revise and practice what we have done so far and achieve better success on the test. So let’s get started.

I Put the was or were,  wasn’t or weren’t if you have (-).

TIP was and wasn’t are used for I, he, she, it and singular nouns. Were and weren’t are used for we, you, they and plural nouns.

  1. She ______ in the park yesterday.
  2. They ______ very happy at the party.
  3. He ______ (-) in Belgrade last week.
  4. ______ you at the theme park with Mike? No, we _______ (-).
  5. Maria _______ at home last night.
  6. I ______ (-) at school last week because I ______ ill.
  7. _______ she in the office at 5 pm? Yes, she _______.
  8. _______ you parents at work on Friday? Yes, they ______.
  9. My dog ______ dirty because she played outside.
  10. His friends ________ (-) on the beach.

II Write the past simple forms of the regular verbs but have in mind the following rules:

  • verbs ending in -e take only -d: close – closed
  • verbs ending in a consonant (suglasnik) + y, drop the y and take -ied: try – tried
  • verbs ending in a vowel (samoglasnik) a, e, i, o, u+ y, take -ed: play – played
  • verbs ending in one stressed vowel between two consonants, double the last consonant before the -ed: drop – dropped     BUT open – opened
  • verbs ending in -l, double the l  and take -ed: travel – travelled

cry, dance, plan, stay, call, manage, delay, spell, arrive, worry, care, destroy, stop, grab, enjoy, die, like, ravel, help, miss, watch, wash, scare, want, paint

III Write the past simple forms of verbs (regular and irregular) in brackets. (Revise the list of irregular verbs I gave you at page 79 in your WBs).

  1. Novak Djokovic _________ (win) the match yesterday.
  2. Jenny _______ (have) a bath and ______ (wash) her hair.
  3. Mia ______ (buy) a new computer last weekend.
  4. The baby ______ (cry) all night.
  5. They _______ (travel) round Spain last summer.
  6. He _______ (drive) the car very fast so the police _______ (stop) him.
  7. My grandfather ______ (ride) a bike when he ______ (be) younger.
  8. His family _______ (stay) in a hotel when they ______ (be) on holiday last July.
  9. The children _______ (enjoy) the new computer game.
  10. She ______ (grab) her bag, ______ (run) out of the house and _____ (take) a taxi.

IV Write the verbs in brackets in the past simple negative form. Remember, after didn’t use the infinitive form of the main verb.

  1. She _______   _______ (not go) on holiday last winter.
  2. Luke _______ _______ (not come) to Mark’s party.
  3. We _______  _______ (not skate) yesterday.
  4. They ______ ______ (read) that book.
  5. I ______ ______ (know) the answer.

V Write questions in the past simple form and give short answers. (Did + subject + main verb in the infinitive form).

  1. _______ you _______ (see) Helen? Yes, I ______.
  2. What ______ she _______ (do) last night?
  3. Why _______ he ______ (miss) the train?
  4. ______ your students _______ (take) a test? Yes, they _____.
  5. ______ Molly ______ (visit) the museum? No, she ______.
  6. _____ it ______ (rain) yesterday? No, it ______.

VI Label the pictures.


arkham train ticket


caravan Free-shiping-Camping-font-b-Pop-b-font-font-b-up-b-font-font-b-Tent hotel-stara-planina




And finally, you can find here  Answers to the exercises