The Present Perfect Tense – affirmative and negative (focus on form)

bee grammar

To form Present Perfect, we use have/has + past participle (3rd column for irregular verbs and -ed for regular verbs). Of course, when the subject is I, we, you, they or any plural noun use have. When the subject is he, she, it or a singular noun use has.

(Sadašnji perfekt se gradi uz pomoć pomoćnih glagola have/has i prošlog participa glavnog glagola (treća kolona nepravilnih glagola ili nastavak -ed za pravilne glagole. Naravno, kada je subjekat u rečenici Ja, mi, vi, oni ili imenica u množini koristimo have, u slučajevima kada je subjekat u rečenici on, ona, ono / to ili imenica u jednini koristimo has.)

We can use short forms for have and has, ‘ve or ‘s.

(Naravno, umesto have i has možemo koristiti kratke oblike ‘ve ili ‘s.)

To make the Present Perfect negative, we use haven’t/hasn’t i past participle.

(Odrični oblik gradimo uz pomoć haven’t/hasn’t i prošlog participa.)

Now, write the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect Tense. The list of irregular verbs will help you.

  1. We ________ (eat) some fruit.
  2. She ________ (speak) to the teacher.
  3. I _______ (meet) some very interesting people.
  4. My mum _________ (not cook) lunch yet.
  5. He _________ (not see) the film.
  6. The children _________ (break) the window.
  7. They ________ (stop) talking.
  8. Sonia _______ (play) tennis.
  9. I _______ (not write) my homework yet.
  10. Catherine ________ (phone) her cousin.
  11. The postman ________ (not come) yet.
  12. She _________ (not study) French.
  13. George _________ (not be) to Italy.
  14. Mr Cameron _________ (drink) some wine.
  15. The class _________ (start).


Verb (infinitive) Past simple form Past participle
become became become
begin began begun
break broke broken
bring brought brought
build built built
buy bought bought
catch caught caught
choose chose chosen
come came come
cost cost cost
cut cut cut
do did done
draw drew drawn
drink drank drunk
drive drove driven
eat ate eaten
fall fell fallen
feed fed fed
feel felt felt
fight fought fought
find found found
fly flew flown
forget forgot forgotten
forgive forgave forgiven
get got got (BrE) / gotten (AmE)
give gave given
go went gone
grow grew grown
have had had
hear heard heard
hide hid hidden
hit hit hit
hold held held
know knew known
learn learned learnt/learned
leave left left
lend lent lent
lose lost lost
make made made
mean meant meant
meet met met
pay paid paid
put put put
read read read
ride rode ridden
rise rose risen
run ran run
say said said
see saw seen
sell sold sold
send sent sent
set set set
show showed shown
sing sang sung
sit sat sat
sleep slept slept
speak spoke spoken
spend spent spent
stand stood stood
steal stole stolen
swim swam swum
take took taken
teach taught taught
tell told told
think thought thought
throw threw thrown
understand understood understood
wear wore worn
win won won
write wrote written

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