6th grade: Preparation for the first written test

I Label the pictures.

astronaut-550x366 moon planet rocket broadcasting satellite space station spaceship star sunII Use the words from the exercise 1 to complete the sentences.

  1. Venus, Saturn and Neptune are _________.
  2. The sun is a _________.
  3. Neil Armstrong was a famous _________.
  4.  Our planet is called the _________.
  5. Astronauts travel in _________ and work in __________.
  6. The moon is the Earth’s ___________.

III Match A and B to get some useful expressions in English.




You’re looking forward to it!
I’m really a good time?
What’s the a drink?
Are you having sure?
He/ She can’t matter?
Would you like make it.
Here joking!
Are you goes.


IV Use the expressions from exercise 3 to complete the dialogues.

  1. I don’t like going to the doctor’s but ____________.
  2. A: She’s having a birthday party on Friday. B: ____________________________.
  3. A: ___________________________? B: Yes, we’re really enjoying ourselves.
  4. A: I can’t do this Maths problem.  B: _________________? Let me see.
  5. ______________________ because he has a lot of homework.
  6. A: I met Brad Pitt last night.   B: __________________.
  7. A: I’m so thirsty.  B: ______________________?
  8. A: I think I saw someone in the hall. B: ________________?

V Use will to give offers or to make immediate decisions in the sentences.


  1. A: It’s John’s birthday tomorrow.  B: I’ll ___________________.
  2. A: Do you want to play basketball in the park?  B: Great. I’ll ________________.
  3. A: My grandparents are coming tonight and the house is in a big mess.  B: Don’t worry. We’ll _____________.
  4. A: The dog is hungry.  B: We’ll ___________.
  5. A: There’s no food in the house.  B: OK. I’ll __________________.
  6. A: I’m so thirsty.  B: I’ll _______________.
  7. A: This bag is so heavy. B: Don’t worry. I’ll _____________.
  8. A: I have no money for the taxi. B: I’ll ____________.
  9. A: I have a headache. B: Oh. I’ll _____________
  10. A: Someone is knocking at the door. B: I’ll ___________________.

VI Make some predictions using I think / I don’t think I’ll... or I hope I’ll / won’t… Answer the questions.


  1. Will you be famous? I don’t think I’ll be famous.
  2. Will you live in another country? I hope I’ll live in another country.
  3. Will you meet a boy / a girl of your dreams? ___________________
  4. Will you get married before you’re 25? _______________
  5. Will children learn on the Internet in 20 years from now? ___________________
  6. Will robots do all the works for us in 10 years from now?_________________
  7. Will aliens visit the Earth in 30 years? _____________________
  8. Will we travel to other planets? ___________________
  9. Will there be more wars in the future? __________________

VII Use will (for immediate decisions) or am/is/are going to for plans and intentions.


  1. A: It’s Susan’s birthday tomorrow. B: Oh, I forgot. I _________ buy her a present in the morning.
  2. A: It’s Susan’s birthday tomorrow. B: I know. I _________ buy her a present in the morning.
  3. A: I forgot my pencil case at home. B: Don’t worry. I ________ lend you my pen.
  4. Do you think they _______ find a cure for cancer?
  5. He hopes he _________ be a police officer.
  6. I wrote a letter last night and I ________ send it on my way to work.
  7. A: I don’t understand you. B: I ____________ talk more slowly.
  8. A: I decided this morning. I _________ spend my holiday in Greece next summer.    B: What a good idea! I _________ go on holiday in Greece, too.

VIII Fill in the gaps with in or on.


  1. She works ____ a factory.
  2. They think they’ll build space stations ____ Mars one day.
  3. Nurses and doctors work ____ hospitals.
  4. They have many animals ____ their farm.
  5. I heard the news _____ radio not ____ TV.
  6. I hope we’ll live ____ space in the future.
  7. She arrived ____ a taxi.
  8. Jill lives ____  a big flat, ___ Balkanska Street.
  9. I spend a lot of time ___ the Internet.
  10. He forgot his car keys ____ the office.

VIII Complete the dialogues with Would you like ….?   or Do you like….? 



  1. A: __________ some coffee?  B: Yes, please.
  2. A: __________ bungee jumping? B: No. I don’t.
  3. A: __________ playing computer games?  B: I love it.
  4. A: __________ some Coke? B: No, thanks. I never drink it.
  5. A: __________ to go to the cinema with me? A: I’d love to.
  6. A: __________ canoeing? B: Yes, I do.

IX Write what you plan and intend to do (using am going to) or  what you hope or think you will do (using will) next weekend or next school holiday. Write, at least, 5 sentences.


For example: Next weekend, I’m going to study for my English test. : ))))) But I hope I will have enough time to go for a walk with my friends.

On my winter holiday, I’m going to watch a lot of TV. I hope I will go skiing with my family. I think I will visit my aunt in Belgrade.