Test 1 Preparation (8th grade)

In this post, you can find some exercises dealing with grammar and vocabulary from Unit 1 and Unit 2 (Project 5) but in the the test you are also going to have an exercise which tests you reading skills.

Basically, here you can practise using present tenses (the present simple, the present continuous and the present perfect tense), past tenses (the past simple, the past continuous and the past simple tense) and future tenses (the future simple tense and be going to). The vocabulary exercises deal with parts of a town, sports and problems with things you use every day. Also, there are some sentences where you can test whether you can describe people using adjectives for their character and looks.

So, let’s get started.

I Complete the sentences with adjectives describing people (Project 5, SB p. 10).

  1. Steve is really f________. He always makes me laugh.
  2. She always tells the truth. She is h ___________.
  3. My aunt is o ____________. She has to go on a diet.
  4. Tania is really h____________. She often helps her mum with housework.
  5. My friends are c______________. They laugh all the time.
  6. That boy over there is really h ___________. He looks like a model.

II Write the parts of a town, you see in the pictures. (Project 5, SB p. 20 ).

BUSINESS-CENTRE-007 churc cimenma club1

Time to go back school vector illustration background. Bus, children and school facade composition.

download hospital-empty library London_Train_Station MainVisitorCarPark maxresdefault


penang-tanjong-marina-bus-station Port10 Semi-IC-2bqt2u9 townhall2005

III Match the sports in A with the places in B.(Project 5, SB p. 6).

A                                                                         B

1.       Football,  hockey, rugby

2.       Golf

3.       Tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball

4.       Bowling

5.       Boxing, wrestling

6.       Athletics, motor racing

7.       Swimming

8.       Ice hockey, skating

a)      A court

b)      A pool

c)       A track

d)      A rink

e)      A pitch

f)       A course

g)      An alley

h)      A ring

IV What’s wrong with these things?(Project 5, SB p. 12).

broken burnt cracked-glass-5243163 dead battery depositphotos_3548224-Broken-key depositphotos_5292073-Damaged-car enhanced-buzz-3354-1367334935-9 LS016099 missing button radio-151339_640 slimming-center-flat-tyre-small-51314 swithed off torn wrong siye

V Make dialogues for the following situations:(Project 5, SB p. 13).

  1. You ordered a sandwich and it is burnt.
  2. You bought some trainers yesterday but they are the wrong size.
  3. You bought a CD player two days ago but it is making a funny noise.

VI Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate present tense – Present Simple or Present Continuous.

  1. Johnny _________ (play) football with his friends every Sunday.
  2. We never _________ (go) to the cinema on weekdays.
  3. How often ______ you ________ (have) English classes?
  4. It’s 7.30. Dad __________ (watch) the news.
  5. Look! The bus __________ (come).
  6. I can’t sleep. Somebody ____________ (listen) to loud music.
  7. Is your dad at home? Yes, he _________ (dig) a hole in the garden to plant some flowers.
  8. We __________ (not like) SF films. We never ________ (watch) them.
  9. What ________ you ________ (do)? Can you help me?
  10. She always __________ (study) hard for the tests.

VII Fill in the gaps with the appropriate verb tense Past Continuous, Past Simple, Present Perfect or Past Perfect.

  1. We ____________ (have) a party last Sunday.
  2. Sid ____________ (be) in the basketball team for 5 years. He is an excellent basketball player.
  3. The clerk ____________ (work) in the office when he __________ (hear) a noise.
  4. Mia _____________ (sleep) when her husband ____________ (come) back home.
  5. They _____________ (study) English since 2005.
  6. By 6.30 pm yesterday, all the students ____________ (leave) the school building.
  7. ______ she _______ (phone) you recently?
  8. We ________ (not see) him yesterday.
  9. The kitchen was full of water. What ___________ (happen)?
  10. George didn’t tell anyone how he ________ (get) into the house.
  11. Yesterday, when I ________ (open) the fridge, I _______ (find) some cheese I __________ (buy) five weeks before.
  12. We _______ never _______ (be) there before.
  13. ______ they _______ (arrive) yet?
  14. Our team ________ (win) two matches this year.
  15. Our team ________ (win) two matches last year.

VIII Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate verb form – Future Simple or am / is / are going to.

  1. I’m tired. I think I ________ go to bed.
  2. Look at the sky! It ________ rain.
  3. When _____ you _______ stop smoking?
  4. A: There is no food in the house.  B: I ________ go shopping.
  5. A: I can’t understand you. B: I ________ talk more slowly.
  6. Alice ________ go to university next year.
  7. A: What ______ you _______ buy for Anna’s birthday? B: We _______ buy her a nice sweater.
  8. Look at the cars! They ________ crash.
  9. I hope my students _______ do well on the test.
  10. He believes that they _______ (not finish) the work on time.
  11. When they finish school, they _______ (not get) a job. They want to go to college.
  12. Her daughters love fish. She _________ cook fish for lunch today.
  13. They are on holiday next week. They _________ travel round Spain.
  14. They hope everything ________ be all right.
  15. I ________ (not buy) the green coat. I’ve decided to buy the red one.

IX Translate:

  1. a table tennis bat, a baseball bat
  2. a goal
  3. an ice hockey puck
  4. an ice hockey stick
  5. a shuttlecock
  6. golf clubs
  7. a tennis net

Good luck!