7th grade: Preparation for the first written test

Here you can find grammar and vocabulary exercises to practise for the first written test dealing with Unit 1 and 2 in Project 4, the third edition.

I Translate the sentences:

  1. Ovo je drveni sto.
  2. Ovo je čelični most.
  3. Ovo su gvozdene sekire.
  4. Ovo su vunene čarape.
  5. Ovo su plastične šolje.
  6. Ovo su papirni tanjiri.
  7. Ovo je srebrno prstenje.
  8. Ovo je zlatni sat.
  9. Ovo je svilena bluza.
  10. Ovo su gumene čizme.

II Use the verbs in brackets in the correct tense – the Past Simple or the Past Continuous.

  1. We ________ (have) lunch when they _______(arrive).
  2. They ________ (ride) bikes while we ________ (roller-blade).
  3. She ________ (put) on her jacket, _______ (lock) the door and _________ (leave) the building.
  4. What _______ he _______ (do) last weekend?
  5. What _______ he _______ (do) at 6 p.m. yesterday?
  6. They ________ (set) off 2 hours ago.
  7. I _________ (make) a cake for his birthday.
  8. She only________ (sleep) for 4 hours last night.
  9. Mark ________ (break) a glass while he ________ (wash) up.
  10. He ________ (open) his briefcase and ________ (take) out the documents.

III Write sentences about the things Helen used or didn’t use to do when she was younger.

Then Now
Swim in the lake

not drink expensive wines

Swim in the sea

drink expensive wines

Stay in a hostel

not travel by plane

Stay in a hotel

travel by plane

Eat fast food Eat in expensive restaurants
  1. When Helen was younger, she used to swim in the lake, now she swims in the sea.
  2. She didn’t use to drink expensive wines, now she drinks expensive wines.

IV Write what you see:


V Translate the sentences:

  1. Ove čizme su suviše tesne. One nisu dovoljno široke.
  2. Ova haljina je suviše kratka. Ona nije dovoljno dugačka.
  3. Ove cipele su suviše skupe. One nisu dovoljno jeftine.

VI Insert the past modals could , could’t, had to or didn’t have to.

  1. He _________ do the test. It wasn’t very difficult.
  2. They _________ (-) speak when they were 4.
  3. She ________ (-) cook dinner because he ordered pizza.
  4. Last week we _______ revise because we had a Maths test.
  5. The students _______ (-) solve the problem because it was too difficult.
  6. Mark _______ ride a bike when he was 3.

VII Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect or Past Simple Tense.

  1. Steve _______ (done) the project successfully.
  2. They ________ (travel) round Greece last summer.
  3. _____ she ______ (help) you with the project last Monday?
  4. _____ she ______ (show) you the new dress?
  5. I ______ never ______ (write) a postcard.
  6. The stuntman ________ (walk) through fire many times. He ______ also _______ (drive) through wall.
  7. George __________ (not take) the bus to school yesterday morning.
  8. She ______ just ______ (drink) a cup of coffee.
  9. We ________ (win) the match in 2014.
  10. My parents __________ (live) in this house for 30 years.

VIII Complete the sentences with since (point in time) or for (period of time).

  1. They have known each other _____ 1990.
  2. We have lived here ______ 20 years.
  3. She has been here _____ 7 o’clock.
  4. They have been on holiday _____ 2 weeks.
  5. He has spoken German _____ he was 7.

IX Use the adjectives and nouns from page 25 in your book to complete the sentences.

  1. She was very a_______ because he broke her favourite vase.
  2. He is a very s________ writer. His books are sold all around the world.
  3. F__________ is what we fight for.
  4. G__________ is important if you want to be a model.
  5. This is an e__________ book.
  6. She is a f__________ actress in her country.
  7. F________ doesn’t always bring h_________.
  8. They had many d__________ in their lives.

X Write question tags for each sentence:

  1. She is your best friend, ________?
  2. They lived in Holland, ________?
  3. We have completed the task, ________?
  4. We are going to visit them, ________?
  5. Don’t shout, _______?
  6. Let’s have a drink, ______?
  7. Everyone was present, _______?
  8. Someone has stolen his wallet, ______?
  9. Gina has English lessons twice a week, _______?
  10. I’m at languages, _______?

XI Write all the words that you know to talk about hardware and software of a computer.


XII Translate the parts of the body into Serbian.