8th grade: Preparation for the 2nd Written Test

I Turn the sentences into passive:

  1. They  have cancelled the meeting.
  2. My dad cleans the garage once a week.
  3. They are building a new bridge near here.
  4. The police arrested 50 people at the protest on Monday.
  5. Someone will translate this book into the German language.
  6. Michael was writing a report at 5 pm yesterday.
  7. They would write a note.
  8. This machine packs the cookies automatically.
  9. They have sent all the packages by plane.
  10. They forbid smoking in this restaurant.
  11. My parents are painting our house at the moment.
  12. The manager held a brief meeting this morning.
  13. They will invite 200 people to the wedding.
  14. Someone check the temperature three times a week.
  15. About 100 people are attending the exhibition at the moment.

II Write a dialogue for each situation. Make a request or ask for a permission by following the pattern:

Speaker A

Speaker B
1.Make a request
2.State an objection
3.Propose a solution to the problem
4.Accept or refuse the solution
5.End the conversation

Use phrases such as:

  • Can I…?
  • Is it all right if I…?
  • Do you think you could…?
  • Could you …?
  • Would you  mind + V – ing?

For example:


Father and son talking


A: Dad?

B: Yes?

A: There is going to be a school sailing trip next year. Can I go? It’s in June.

B: How much is it going to cost? It might be expensive.

A: I don’t know, but I’m sure it won’t be too much. All my friends are going. Oh, please. I’ve always wanted to go sailing.

B: OK, but we’ll have to see how much it’s going to be first.

A: OK,  thank you. Mr Harrison is going to give us all the details tomorrow.


  1. You want to go to the cinema with your friends but you’ve spent all your pocket money. Ask your parents to give you some extra money.
  2. You want to go away for the weekend but you cannot take your dog with you. Ask a friend to look after  your dog at the weekend.
  3. You want to play basketball but your friend wants to play football.
  4. You want to watch a horror film but your friend is scared of them and she/ he wants to watch a comedy.
  5. Your aunt and uncle are coming for dinner and your parents want you to stay home in the evening but you promised your friends your are going to the sports center with them.

III Use an appropriate phrasal verb in each sentence.

  1. I want to watch the news. Could you t________ o__ the TV, please?
  2. P_______ u___ your dirty socks from the floor, will you?
  3. Please, t_______ d___ the volume, I can’t hear you.
  4. Kids, s_______ d_____. We can start the lesson now.
  5. I love my dad very much. He is my idol. I really l_______ u____ t____ him.
  6. Nobody likes him. He thinks he’s the best. He always l______ d____ o____ other people.
  7. Do you think you could l_______ a_____ my kids while I am the doctor’s?
  8. You should g_____ o____ the bus at the next bus stop. Mike is going to wait for you there.
  9. G_______ i___ the taxi, we’re late.
  10. I’ve borrowed a book from the library. I should g______ b____ next month.

IV Translate into English:

  1. račun
  2. ček
  3. novčanice
  4. keš
  5. strana valuta
  6. bankovna kartica
  7. bankomat
  8. novčići
  9. falsifikator
  10. falsifikovanje
  11. trampa
  12. plemeniti metali
  13. trgovac
  14. trgovina
  15. plaćati elektronskim putem

V Make questions for the underlined words.

  1. I saw her in the theatre.
  2. Marco’s broken the vase.
  3. I am going to the cafe with my best friend.
  4. Bryansk is 350 km from Moscow.
  5. They were married for 40 years.
  6. The film is on at 8 o’clock.
  7. There are 25 students in my class.
  8. I like the blue shirt, not the red one. (Which one….?)
  9. She is watering the plants now.
  10. She won’t go to the party because she’s too tired.

VI Translate into English.

  1. medicinska sestra
  2. stjuardesa
  3. vozač kamiona
  4. nastavnik
  5. zidar
  6. policajac
  7. električar
  8. veterinar
  9. sekreatrica
  10. lekar
  11. auto-mehaničar

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