7th grade: Preparation for the Second Written Test


I Turn these sentences into passive:

  1. They made some mistakes.
  2. People always make mistakes.
  3. They will build a power station here next year,
  4. My friend will look after my kids.
  5. People make jam from fruit and sugar.
  6. Steve has painted the bedroom.
  7. Someone will give you the instructions.
  8. They build this castle in the 15th century.
  9. The headmistress have welcomed the new students.
  10. A friend drove Tina to Belgrade.


II The First Conditional – put the verbs into the correct tense:

  1. If he _________ (be) free, he ________ (come) with us.
  2. If you _______ (not hurry) up, you ________ (be ) late.
  3. If you _______ (help) me, I ________ (finish) everything by 7 o’clock.
  4. She _______ (be) very tired tomorrow if she  __________ (not sleep) all night.
  5. Where _______ we _______ (take) them if they ________ (come) next weekend?
  6. If he _______ (start) early, he _______ (get) there in time.
  7. I _______ (go) for a walk if it ________ (rain) this afternoon.
  8. If she _______ (know) his phone number, she _______ (tell) you.
  9. If your friend ________ (work) hard, he _______ (succeed).
  10. He ________ (feel) tired if he ________ (go) jogging all morning.

III Fill in the gaps with some of the phrasal verbs from the text Friends in your Student Book and your Workbook page 54.

  1. Don’t ______ _____ these magazines. I want to read them.
  2. The cat ________ _____ the tree.
  3. They _______ ______ the street together yesterday.
  4. Can you _______ ______ and pick up the document from the floor?
  5. I’m afraid we’ve ______ _____ ____ coffee but I can make you some tea.
  6. I don’t know where he lives but I’ll _______ _____ and tell you.
  7. The kid ________ _____ the tree and ran away.
  8. He was very tired so he _______ ______ under the tree and fell asleep.
  9. When she ______ ____ the house, she ______ _____ her shoes, ______ ____ her slippers and went to the bathroom.
  10. They always _______ _____ from school at 2 o’clock.
  11. Please, ______ ____. I want to talk to you.
  12. All this cleaning is ________ me ____. I fell really tired.
  13. She ________ _____ the horse’s back.
  14. If you _______ ____, you’ll see a big bird on the roof.
  15. Students always ________ ______ when a teacher comes into the classroom.
  16. If you don’t hurry up, we won’t _______ ____ ____ them soon.
  17. I’ve run of ideas. I don’t know what to do. I _____ ____.


IV Expressing worries – write dialogues for the following situations as on page 63 in your Student Book.

  1. You act in a school play for the first time.
  2. You’re going to a dentist tomorrow.
  3. You’re going on a date with a girl/boy you like very much.
  4. You’ve got a test and you haven’t revised for it.
  5. You’re going to fly on a plane for the first time.
  6. You’re playing in a very important football match.
  7. You’re going to make a birthday cake for your friend.



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