5th grade: Preparation for the First Written Work

Dear 5th graders, your first written work is near (Monday, 18 December) so let’s have some practice.

I How often do you do these things? Never, not often, sometimes, often, normally, usually, always, every day…

For example, I never cook dinner. I don’t often feed the cat. I always vacuum the floor.chopping

II Write the animals you see and their babies. (For example, a donkey and a foal, a turkey hen and a poult, etc.)



III What are the animals doing in the pictures? 

(For example, The giraffes are sitting. The hippo is swimming.)

IV Write the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple Tense or the Present Continuous Tense.

Don’t forget that we use the Present Simple to talk about actions that happen regularly or repeat. On the other hand, we use the Present Continuous when we talk about actions happening now, at the moment of speaking.

Here’s a list of signal words used for the Present Simple or Present Continuous Tense.

The Present Simple Tense The Present Continuous Tense
Every (day, week, month, year, summer, winter, afternoon…)

Always,usually, normally, sometimes,

often, not often, regularly, never, rarely



At the moment



In this picture…


  1. Every day, I ________ (go) to the sports centre. My friends and I often ________ (play) volleyball there.
  2. Listen! Somebody _______ (knock) at the door.
  3. I ________ (not drink) Coke every day but my brother always ________ (drink) it.
  4. Look! Mum _________ (come) back home.
  5. Tom _______ (do) his homework in the afternoon. He ________ (not do) it in the evening.
  6. Today, the sun __________ (shine) and the weather is nice.
  7. Maya never ________ (get) up at 6 o’clock.
  8. At the moment,  you _______ (not play) in the park because you are _________ (practise) English grammar
  9. George normally  ________ (play) basketball with his friends but today, he __________ (ride) a bike.
  10. We ________ (live) in Serbia.
  11. Hey, where _________ you _________ (go)?
  12. What _________ she _________ (watch) on TV every evening?
  13. What time_________ your lessons _________ (start)?
  14. _________ he __________ (read) a book now?
  15. They ___________ (not wear) school uniforms today.
  16. _________ you _________(do) anything interesting at the moment?

V Choose the correct pronoun.


  1. He / Him is very hungry. I / Me will make he / him a sandwich.
  2. My sister is late for school. She / Her must hurry up.
  3. Do you know they / them? Yes, they / them are my students.
  4. Who is she / her? She / Her is my teacher.
  5. I have a pet. It is a rabbit. I / Me like it very much.
  6. Listen to I / me.
  7. She / Her is going to the cinema with we / us.
  8. Give that packet to we / us, please.
  9. I think that they / them will go to the park with we / us.
  10. We / Us are very tired.

VI Give advice. Write sentences with must.

(For example, A: My cat is thirsty.  B: You must give it some water.     A: I’m so sleepy.   B: You must go to bed early.  A: He has a History test tomorrow.  B: He must learn for the test.)


  1. A: I’m very hungry. B: ___________________________.
  2. A: I have an English test on Monday. B: _____________________________.
  3. A: My bike is dirty.  B: ______________________________.
  4. A: The house is a mess.  B: ____________________________.
  5. A: The dog is hungry.  B: ______________________________.
  6. A: I have a headache. (glavobolja) B: ______________________________.
  7. A: You talk in class a lot. You _____________ be quiet.
  8. A: Dad’s car is dirty. B: He _____________________.
  9. A: They are thirsty. B: They ___________________________.
  10. A: I have a toothache. B: ________________ go to the dentist.



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