Preparation for the 2nd test – part 1 (6th grade)

 My dear six-graders, here you can find some exercises for you to practice for the English test next week. Should you have any questions, you know what you have to do and where you can find me ; ).

So let’s get started.

I Use the past simple or the past continuous tense of the verbs in brackets.

1.      We ________ (swim) in the pool when it suddenly _______ (start) to rain.

2.      While I ________ (look) for my cat, I _______ (find) a small rabbit in the garden.

3.      Mike _______ (climb) a hill when he _______ (fall) down and _______ (break) his leg.

4.      She _______ (cook) dinner as her husband _______ (set) the table.

5.      What _____ you ______ while your brother ________(watch) a film last night?

6.      He ______ (jog) in the park at 5 p.m. yesterday.

7.      What ______ they ______ (do) at 8 a.m. on Saturday?

8.      She _______ (grab) the parcel and ________ (open) it.

9.      Everyone _______ (eat) cake when we ______ (arrive) at the party.

10.  I ________ (be) at home when they _______ (get) back.


II Use the correct indefinite pronoun.












No one















1.      I need help with these exercises. I want _______ to help me.

2.      Have we got ________ to eat? There is _______ in the fridge. We must go the supermarket.

3.      There are no chairs in the room. We have _________ to sit.

4.      I can’t find my mobile _________.

5.      I can hear noise. I think there is _______ in the living room.

6.      There is ________ at the front door. Is it your friend?

7.      We are having a party next weekend and ________ is coming.

8.      Come here, Sandra. I’ve got _______ to tell you.

9.      Is there _______ you need from the supermarket?

10.  _______ knows what will happen in twenty years time.

11.  She’s so selfish! She doesn’t care about ________.

12.  I’m so thirsty. I need ________ to drink.

13.  I’m so sad and lonely. _______ loves me.

14.  Don’t just sit there. Say ________!

15.  I’ve lost my pen. Does ______ have a spare pen?


III Complete the gaps with the expressions from the box.

Get lost!    What did I say?    Fine, thanks.   Guess what!   How’s it going?   Sorry, I can’t.    There she is.      I know.


1.      You and your friend are waiting for you sister. Suddenly, she appears. You say: _______.

2.      Your best friend is annoying you. You say: _________.

3.      Someone asks you ‘’How are you?”.  You say: __________.

4.      A friend tells you something but another friend told you about it earlier. You say: _______

5.      You meet a friend you last saw last week. You say: _________

6.      You want to tell your friend something very interesting and surprising.  You say: _________

7.      You say something nice to your cousin but she gets angry. You say: ________

8.      Your friend invites you to a party but you are going on a trip that weekend. You say: _______

IV Ask for and give directions. Look at the map.

mapYou are where the orange cross is. Ask and give directions how to get to:

  1. the chemist
  2. Art Gallery
  3. School
  4. Aquarium
  5. Supermarket

V Complete the where necessary.

1.      _____ British Museum

2.      _____ Hyde Park

3.      _____ Theatre Royal

4.      _____ Mississippi River

5.      _____ Grand Street

6.      _____ Times Square


VI Complete the text with a, an or the where necessary.

1.      He lives in ____ small town. _____ town is in ____ south-east part of Germany.

2.      Look! That’s Jackie crossing _____ street.

3.      Can I use ____ bathroom?

4.      I know ____ good restaurant. ____ restaurant is in ____ Bond Street. Let’s reserve ____ table.

5.      Do you drink ____ wine?

6.      Melanie is looking for ___ new job.

7.      _____ life is sometimes hard.

8.       He looked at _____ moon.

9.      He takes ____ bus to school. He usually takes ____ number 15 bus.

10.  I’ll meet her at _____ bus stop opposite ____ police station.

11.  ____ Canada is ____ big country.

12.  Can I use  ____ phone?

13.  She’s going to ____ post office.

14.  I need ____ new jeans.

15.  Could you close ____ door, please?

16.  This is ____ blue whale. It is ____ biggest mammal on ____ Earth.

17.  He won the race. He was ____ first.

18.  She’s got ______ beautiful brown eyes.

19.  Most people like _____ animals.

20.  Let’s meet in ____ city centre.


VII Complete the sentences with the given words.

Earthquake     volcano    lightning   avalanches    flood    hurricane


 avalanche eruption thunder

1.      A ________ is a very, very strong wind.

2.      In winter, there are often __________ of snow in the high mountains.

3.      Forest fires can start when a ______ hits a tree.

4.      A ________ can erupt. Then, fire and lava come out of the top.

5.      The earth shakes and buildings can fall down during an ___________.

6.      In a _________, water can come into your house.


VIII Write about Helena’s arrangements for the next week using the present continuous tense.


·         Monday: go to the dentist’s

·         Tuesday: play tennis with Pamela

·         Thursday: take clothes to the dry cleaner’s

·         Friday: finish the English project with Sam

·         Saturday: watch DVDs with Tina

·         Sunday: having lunch with the Browns


1.      On Monday, Helena is going to the dentist’s.


IX Make arrangements using the cues.

1.      Go to the cinema / Friday evening?

No, have dinner with George

Saturday evening?



A: Shall we go to the cinema on Friday evening?

B: No, sorry, I can’t. I’m having dinner with George.

A: What about Saturday evening?

B: Saturday evening is OK. Let’s meet in front of the cinema.

A: Great. See you there at 8.15.


2.      Play football / at the weekend?

No, go away for the weekend with my family.

Monday afternoon?



3.      Go for a picnic / Sunday?

No, study for an exam

Next weekend?


And of course, here you can find the Answer key .