7th grade: Preparation for the Second Written Test


I Turn these sentences into passive:

  1. They made some mistakes.
  2. People always make mistakes.
  3. They will build a power station here next year,
  4. My friend will look after my kids.
  5. People make jam from fruit and sugar.
  6. Steve has painted the bedroom.
  7. Someone will give you the instructions.
  8. They build this castle in the 15th century.
  9. The headmistress have welcomed the new students.
  10. A friend drove Tina to Belgrade.


II The First Conditional – put the verbs into the correct tense:

  1. If he _________ (be) free, he ________ (come) with us.
  2. If you _______ (not hurry) up, you ________ (be ) late.
  3. If you _______ (help) me, I ________ (finish) everything by 7 o’clock.
  4. She _______ (be) very tired tomorrow if she  __________ (not sleep) all night.
  5. Where _______ we _______ (take) them if they ________ (come) next weekend?
  6. If he _______ (start) early, he _______ (get) there in time.
  7. I _______ (go) for a walk if it ________ (rain) this afternoon.
  8. If she _______ (know) his phone number, she _______ (tell) you.
  9. If your friend ________ (work) hard, he _______ (succeed).
  10. He ________ (feel) tired if he ________ (go) jogging all morning.

III Fill in the gaps with some of the phrasal verbs from the text Friends in your Student Book and your Workbook page 54.

  1. Don’t ______ _____ these magazines. I want to read them.
  2. The cat ________ _____ the tree.
  3. They _______ ______ the street together yesterday.
  4. Can you _______ ______ and pick up the document from the floor?
  5. I’m afraid we’ve ______ _____ ____ coffee but I can make you some tea.
  6. I don’t know where he lives but I’ll _______ _____ and tell you.
  7. The kid ________ _____ the tree and ran away.
  8. He was very tired so he _______ ______ under the tree and fell asleep.
  9. When she ______ ____ the house, she ______ _____ her shoes, ______ ____ her slippers and went to the bathroom.
  10. They always _______ _____ from school at 2 o’clock.
  11. Please, ______ ____. I want to talk to you.
  12. All this cleaning is ________ me ____. I fell really tired.
  13. She ________ _____ the horse’s back.
  14. If you _______ ____, you’ll see a big bird on the roof.
  15. Students always ________ ______ when a teacher comes into the classroom.
  16. If you don’t hurry up, we won’t _______ ____ ____ them soon.
  17. I’ve run of ideas. I don’t know what to do. I _____ ____.


IV Expressing worries – write dialogues for the following situations as on page 63 in your Student Book.

  1. You act in a school play for the first time.
  2. You’re going to a dentist tomorrow.
  3. You’re going on a date with a girl/boy you like very much.
  4. You’ve got a test and you haven’t revised for it.
  5. You’re going to fly on a plane for the first time.
  6. You’re playing in a very important football match.
  7. You’re going to make a birthday cake for your friend.



8th grade: Preparation for Test 2 (Units 3 and 4)

I Write the verbs in the appropriate form. (For the Second Conditional: if + past simple, would + infinitive.   For the Third conditional:  if + past perfect, would have + past participle).

  1. If they had come to the party, she _________ (be) very happy.
  2. George would go on holiday if he _________ (have) more time.
  3. Steve’s brother ________ (study) medicine if he had passed the test.
  4. If we _________ (hurry) up, we would catch the bus.
  5. I wouldn’t have failed the exam if I ________ (revise).
  6. My friend would buy a new house if he _______ (save) enough money.

II Complete the gaps with corresponding words. Then, use the appropriate words in the sentences.

Verb                       Noun

manipulate        __________

produce        _________

explode __________

__________     manipulation

__________     information

__________     explosion

infect        ___________

complicate    ______________

celebrate    _______________

react    _____________

__________ destruction

examine    ______________

prepare   _______________

congratulate _______________

  1. The critics didn’t like the film. Their __________ wasn’t good.
  2. Tea _________ in India is rising.
  3. We have to __________ for the party.
  4. We heard a loud bomb _________ last night.
  5. Don’t _________ the situation. We already have a lot of problems.
  6. We __________ New Year’s Eve on 31 December.

III Complete the gaps with corresponding words. Then, use the appropriate words in the sentences.

Noun                Adjective

danger          _____________

____________     famous

poison      _____________

hazard     _____________

___________     cautious

___________      infection

luck __________

risk    __________

health     ___________

___________ easy

___________     angry

dirt     __________

  1. What a mess! This room is so ________.
  2. Some people believe that black cats bring bad ________.
  3. Eating fruit and vegetables is __________.
  4. His eyes are sore. He has an eye __________.
  5. The teacher is _______ when we forget our homework.
  6. This snake is very ___________.
  7. Tigers can be __________.
  8. ________ doesn’t always bring happiness to celebrities.

IV Write questions for the underlined words.

  1. __________________________?       She lives in London. 
  2. __________________________?       Pirot is 30 km away from here.
  3. __________________________?       They got up at 5 am this morning.
  4. __________________________?        He went to bed early because he was really tired.
  5. __________________________?        We have studied English for 5 years.
  6. __________________________?         She is talking to Mike   at the moment.

V Write the jobs.

  1. A s___________ types letters and answers phones.
  2. A p__________ flies a plane.
  3. An e___________ knows all about machines.
  4. A m___________ repairs car engines.
  5. A p____________ takes pictures.
  6. A n_________ b_____   delivers newspapers.
  7. A t________  teaches kids.
  8. A d _______ w_______ takes dogs for a walk.

VI Write sentences about each job using gerund.

  1. A nurse’s job includes _______________.
  2. A brick layer’s job involves ______________.
  3. An architect needs to be good at _____________.
  4. A Hairdresser needs to be good at _____________.
  5. A dog walker’s job involves ______________.
  6. A lorry driver needs to be interested in _____________.
  7. A vet needs to be good at _____________.
  8. A car mechanic needs to be interested in _____________.

VII Give warnings or advice for each situation using might (get) or could (get).

  1. There are pieces of glass everywhere. Be careful! __________________________.
  2. It’s too cold outside.   _________________________.
  3. There is a bee in your glass. It ____________________.
  4. This street is very busy. Don’t cross it. __________________.
  5. I don’t think it’s a good idea to light fire. You ___________________.
  6. This knife is very sharp. You _________________.
  7. Her dog is very aggressive. ______________________.
  8. I would switch off the electricity first. _______________________.

VIII Choose the correct pronoun.

  1. We enjoyed we / us/ ourselves at the party.
  2. I / me / myself came here 10 minutes ago.
  3. She cut she / her / herself while she was cutting bread.
  4. He looked he / him /himself in the mirror.
  5. George helped I / me / myself.
  6. We saw they / them /themselves in the street.
  7. She combed she / her / herself.
  8. He / him /himself  phoned I / me / myself yesterday.

IX Fill in the gaps with appropriate phrasal verbs.

  1. Don’t _______   _______ the TV. I want to watch the film.
  2. There are many books. _______ ______ one.
  3. Can you _______ ______ me, please? I want to go to the park together with you.
  4. I lost my wallet. Can you help me ________ _____ it, please?
  5. I need to go out. Please, ________ ______ my kids while I come back.
  6. You can ________ ______ the TV now. I’m not watching it any more.
  7. _______ me ______ my laptop now. I need it.
  8. ______ ______ your dirty socks from the floor.
  9. You can _______ _____ these old magazines.
  10. _______ _____ your shoes before you come in.

7th grade: Preparation for the first written test

I Complete the sentences with the given phrasal verbs in the correct tense (Present Perfect or Past Simple).

drive down, fall out of, jump off, fall off, fall through, dive into

  1. The stuntmen _____   _____ the bridge.
  2. They ______ their cars _____ the street an hour ago.
  3. She ______ just  ______ into the swimming pool.
  4. The baby _____ ____ ____ the bed last night.
  5. It _______ ______ the glass roof last week.
  6. He ______ _____ a chair in class recently.

II Use the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect or Past Simple Tense.

  1. We _______ never _______ (go) out together.
  2. The teacher ________ (give) us a lot of homework yesterday.
  3. How long ______ you ______ (know) Jill?
  4. I _________ (not visit) Paris so far.
  5. ______ your neighbours _______ (invite) you for tea?
  6. Mrs Smith _______ (write) 2 letters an hour ago.
  7. Mike ________ (not buy) a new car in August.
  8. Last summer, I ________ (find) a gold bracelet on the beach.
  9. Jerry _______ (sing) in a concert with his choir three weeks ago.
  10. The weather ________ (not be) fine yesterday.
  11. I _________ (sleep) like a log last night.
  12. We _______ (knock) for 5 minutes!
  13. Kathy _______ (have) a lot of work so far.
  14. They _______ (run) this shop since October 2010.
  15. Jane ________ (not do) her homework yesterday afternoon.

III Finish the sentences using question tags.

  1. You can ride a bike, ______?
  2. The boys are very tall, _______?
  3. The teacher hasn’t got a dictionary, _________?
  4. You’ve written a book, _________?
  5. Let’s hurry up, _________?
  6. You didn’t see his fiancee, _________?
  7. Our city doesn’t get many tourists, __________?
  8. Nobody’s seen him, _________?
  9. Jill never smokes, ________?
  10. Be quiet, _______?
  11. Don’t talk, ________?
  12. Mum and Dad didn’t like your marks, _________?
  13. She speaks German, ________?
  14. Mike drove her to the airport, _________?
  15. Everybody liked his new song, _______?
  16. Tom never visits his aunt, _________?

IV Match A and B to get some everyday English expressions.


You wanted pretty poor.
I’ve had no excuse.
They’re all a look at (your work.)
That’s to see me.
According that case.
In started it.
I haven’t even to my information.

V Use the expressions from exercise IV in the sentences.

  1. A: _______________________?  B: Yes, come in. I have something to tell you.
  2. I ______________________ your project. It’s very good.
  3. My parents don’t like my marks. They say ________________________.
  4. A: I didn’t write my homework because I watched TV last night. I’m sorry.  B: ___________________.
  5. A: We have to hand in our essays tomorrow.  B: Oh, no. _____________________.
  6. A: I’ve missed my bus and I’m in a hurry.  B: __________, call a taxi.
  7. _______________, the plane arrives at 2.15.

VI Write all the words that you know to talk about hardware and software of a computer.



VII Complete the sentences with some computer vocabulary.

  1. When youc _______ on the icon, you will l________ the computer programme.
  2. If you don’t want to lose all your work, you have to s________ it.
  3. Your computer will save you work on the h_________ but you should b_____ it u ______. This means that you should save things on a C___ or a m_______ s_______.
  4. To log into your Facebook profile, you need your p_________ and u___________.
  5. Young people d__________ music and films from the Internet. However, when you do this you can also infect your computer with a v_________. To protect your computer, you have to have a f__________.
  6. Internet c__________ are very fast these days.
  7. I have a w______- _____ on my mobile phone.
  8. I read magazines o________, I don’t buy them at a kiosk.

VIII Complete the table.

Adjective Noun
Good looks

IX Use the words from the table to complete the sentences.

  1. George Clooney is a  very s________ actor.
  2. This test was pretty d________.
  3. G___________ people aren’t always h__________.
  4. Many d_________ animals live in the jungle.
  5. D_________! The floor is slippery.
  6. She likes doing e________ things so she likes e__________.
  7. They say when a black cat crosses your way, it will bring you bad l_______.
  8. Agatha Christie was a s _________ author. She wrote many e__________ detective stories.
  9. When I gave them the presents, they were extremely h_______.

X Write since (point in time) or for (period of time) in the sentences.

  1. Sally has been at work ________ 8.30  this morning.
  2. My brother has lived in Belgrade _______ 4 years.
  3. I’ve studied English ______ 7 months now.
  4. We have lived in this house ______ I was 10.
  5. Julian has known Tim ______ they started school together.
  6. She has slept _____ 8 hours.
  7. I have worked on this project _______ last Monday.