6th grade: Test Preparation (Units 3 & 4)

I    Match the verbs in A with the endings in B. Then match the verb collocations with pictures.

1.Watch a.    An email              A letter
2.Have b.    A ball
3.Get ready for c.    Your hair            Your teeth
4.Put on d.    A photo
5.Brush e.    Windsurfing
6.Send f.     School         Bed
7.Throw g.    Dinner       A drink
8.Take h.    TV
9.Go i.      A ball

BoyBrushingTeeth brush teeth
brush hair cable-tv email-hand girl_getting_ready_for_school1 going_for_a_drink_after_work_might_not_be_such_a_good_idea_large have dinner homework-time little-boy-and-dog pg-getting-ready-to-go-brushing-teeth-full pujamas put on shoes send letter sleep take photo windsurf young-girl-sitting-grass-throwing-ball-13791746


II Write the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or Past Continuous Tense. Remember, the Past Continuous (was/were + Verb-ing; wasn’t/weren’t + Verb-ing; Was/Were + subject + Verb-ing ) is used for actions that were in progress at some time in the past. The Past Simple (regular verbs -ed, irregular verbs II column; didn’t + infinitive; Did + subject + infinitive) is used for an action that “interrupts“ the action that was in progress (Past Continuous). The Past Simple is also used for actions that happened one after the other in the past.

  1. I was walking (walk) down the street when I saw (see) my best friend. 
  2. We ___________ (have) a test when our headmaster ___________ (come) into the classroom.
  3. The farmer ___________ (work) in the field when the earthquake ___________ (start).
  4. She quickly _________ (stand) up and _________ (leave) the room.
  5. What ______ you______ (do) when the rain ________ (start)?
  6. Which film _____ he _______ (watch) yesterday?
  7. They __________ (not have) dinner at 9 pm last night.
  8. She _________ (take) a photo when she _______ (drop) her camera.
  9. My sister _________ (not be) at home when we _________ (arrive).
  10. Mike __________ (open) the can, _________ (pour) the Coke into the glass and _________ (drink) it.
  11. The children _________ (ride) bikes in the park when the wind ________ (start) to blow.

III Connect the words in A and B to make useful expressions.

1.Are you doing a. Go out with…
2.Come round b. Be joking
3.A sort c. Happening?
4.Here it d. You mean?
5.The best e. To my place
6.She wants to f. It going?
7.What do g. Anything at the moment?
8.Cyberspace is h. of
9.There she i. Is.
10.What’s j. Thing is.
11.He asked k. What!
12.How is l. Is.
13.You must m. Me out.
14.Get n. On this tonight.
15.Guess o. Lost!

Use some of the expressions to complete the dialogues.

  1. A: Can I borrow your laptop?  B: Get lost.
  2. A: What kind of film is it? B: It’s _______________ of detective story.
  3. A: Is there a film on TV tonight? B: ______________________.
  4. A: ___________________! B: You won a lottery.
  5. A: I met Brad Pitt last night! B: ________________________.
  6.  I saw George at the party. ______________________.
  7. A: Where is Kate?  B: ____________________.
  8. A: I’m so bored. I’m all alone at home.  B: ____________________. We can play computer games.
  9. A: _____________________? B: Nothing much.
  10. A: _____________________?  B: Fine, thank you.

IV Use the sentences from the table to write responses.
























  1. A: This is my pen friend from Germany.    B: She looks nice.
  2. A: I bought this jacket yesterday.         B: _______________________.
  3. A: Look at this pizza.    B: _____________________.
  4. A: We’re having two test tomorrow.  B: ____________________.
  5. A: We’re going to Italy next week.     B: ____________________.

V  Write a, an, the or / in the gaps.

Just to remind you we use the with theatres, museums, rivers and phrases with of . We don’t use the with streets, squares, towns, cities, countries and parks.  A/an before singular nouns if they are mentioned for the first time, the next time we mention them, we use the.

  1. We went on a boat trip on the River Thames. It was great. We saw lots of places: _____ Houses of Parliaments, St Paul’s Cathedral and _____ Tower of London.
  2. They had great time in ______ London. They went shopping in ______ Oxford Street.
  3. Mrs Peters went to a show at ______ Cambridge Theatre.
  4. The Queen lives in ______ Buckingham Palace.
  5. You can see fossils at _____ Natural History Museum.
  6. _____ Nelson’s Column is in the middle of _____ Trafalgar Square.
  7. We live in ______ Dimitrovgrad. It’s _____ small town in ______ south-west of _____ Serbia.
  8. A: Excuse me. How do I get to _____ nearest post office, please?    B: Go down here till you come to _____ roundabout. Turn left at ______ roundabout, then take _____ first turning on ____ left. That’s Green Street. There’s ______ bank there. ______ post office is next to _____ bank.

VI Use something, somebody, anything, anybody, everything, everybody, nothing or nobody in the gaps.

Just to remind you that anything, anybody are used in questions and negative sentences. Nobody and nothing are used in positive sentences.

  1. I am so hungry. I need something to eat.
  2. I am so thirsty. I need _________ to drink.
  3. Did __________ remember to buy some bread? No, ________ bought milk so we don’t have any milk in the house.
  4. __________ is here so we can start now.
  5. The hall was empty. There wasn’t _________ there.
  6. Shh, I heard _________. Be quiet.
  7. Her bag is empty. There is ___________ there.
  8. I did my homework all alone. ________ helped me.
  9. _________ took my mobile phone. I can’t find it.
  10. Do you want __________ to eat?  No, ___________, thank you. I’m not hungry.
  11. Eggs, milk, flour, sugar, cream…. We have __________ we need to make a cake now.

VII Take a look at Sweet Sue’s arrangements and plan for next week. Write sentences about them using the Present Continuous Tense (am, is, are + V-ing).

Monday play tennis with Smart Alec
Tuesday meet Mr Riley for lunch
Wednesday go to an interview
Thursday have dinner with the Prime Minister
Friday redecorate the office
Saturday go running with Claire
Sunday fly to Madrid

On Monday, she’s playing tennis with Smart Alec.