Priprema za drugi pismeni zadatak – 6. razred

I  Make arrangements using the cues. (SB p. 51)

kids talking

  1. Go to the cinema / Friday evening?

No, have dinner with George

Saturday evening?



A: Shall we go to the cinema on Friday evening?

B: No, sorry, I can’t. I’m having dinner with George.

A: What about Saturday evening?

B: Saturday evening is OK. Let’s meet in front of the cinema.

A: Great. See you there at 8.15.


  1. Play football / at the weekend?

No, go away for the weekend with my family.

Monday afternoon?



  1. Go for a picnic / Sunday?

No, study for an exam

Next weekend?




II Ask for and give directions.  (SB p. 47 and WB pp. 36 & 37).

Look at the map. You are where the orange cross is. 



A: Excuse me. Is there a hotel near here?

  B: Yes. Go along here and take the first turning at the left. Go down the Queen Avenue and take the first turning at the left. That’s Lane Street. Go past the Town Hall and the phone box. The hotel is on your right next to the chemist’s and opposite the theatre.

A: Thank you very much.


Ask and give directions how to get to:

  1. the chemist
  2. Art Gallery
  3. School
  4. Aquarium
  5. Supermarket


III What’s the problem with the people in the picture.  (SB p. 68; WB p 54)


  1. He’s got a cold.

IV Write dialogues giving advice using should or shouldn’t for each situation. (SB p. 69;  WB p.  55)

A: What’s the matter / wrong / up?

B: I’m tired.

A: You should go to bed early tonight.

V What does each sign say? Write sentences using must or mustn’t. (SB p 71)


VI Write down two things that: (WB pp. 56 & 57)

  1. You must do at home
  2. You mustn’t do at school
  3. You don’t have to do at home

VI Write sentences in the present perfect tense. (SB pp 57 & 59)

  1. We ________ (eat) some fruit.
  2. She ________ (speak) to the teacher.
  3. _____ he ______ (meet) her parents? No, he _______.
  4. I _______ (meet) some very interesting people.
  5. My mum _________ (not cook) lunch yet.
  6. ______ you _______ (do) your homework yet? Yes, I _______.
  7. He _________ (not see) the film.
  8. The children _________ (break) the window.
  9. ______ your parents _______ (visit) Tower Bridge? Yes, they _______.
  10. They ________ (stop) talking.
  11. Sonia _______ (play) tennis.
  12. I _______ (not write) my homework yet.
  13. ______ it _______ (rain)? No, it ________.
  14. Catherine ________ (phone) her cousin.
  15. The postman ________ (not come) yet.
  16. _____ you ______ (read) this article? No, I _______.
  17. She _________ (not study) French.
  18. George _________ (not be) to Italy.
  19. Mr Cameron _________ (drink) some wine.
  20. The class _________ (start).



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