8th grade: Preparation for the First Written Test

For the test you have grammar and vocabulary from Units 2 and 3 in your textbooks (Project 5, third edition).

Below you can find some exercise to practice and revise the covered topics.

I The First and the Second Conditionals:

  1. If they invite me to the wedding, I __________ (go).
  2. If it ________ (be) hot today, we would go to the beach.
  3. I could buy a yacht if I _______ (have) a lot of money.
  4. We ________ (move) to London if Peter got that job.
  5. If the weather is good, we often _______ (have) lunch outside.
  6. We would get to the shops if we ________ (hurry).
  7. My parents ________ (worry) about me if I didn’t phone them every week.
  8. If I _____ (know) the answer to the question, I would answer it.
  9. The students usually work hard if they ________ (have) a test.
  10. If you won a lot of money, what _______ you ______ (do)?

II Join the sentences. Use so (much) …that.

  1. The box is very heavy. I cannot lift it.
  2. My brother worked hard. He passed the test.
  3. He is very ill. The doctors don’t expect him to survive.
  4. My grandfather is very weak. He cannot walk.
  5. She is very short. She cannot touch the ceiling.
  6. William played cleverly. John couldn’t beat him.
  7. The necklace was very expensive. I couldn’t buy it.
  8. The famine was very severe. Several people perished.
  9. The milk was very good. We couldn’t help drinking it.
  10. He is very proud. He will not ask for help.


III Write the warnings for each sign at page 36 in your SBs.

signs 2

IV Write sentences using the words from pages 35 and 36 in you SBs.

(Explode, production, destroy, pollution, eruption, decide, decision,  translation, manipulate, infectious, healthy, risk, easy, anger, operate, revolution, caution, cautious…).

V How do the people feel?

VI Answer the questions. Write full sentences.

  1. When do you feel most alert?
  2. When do you usually start to feel sleepy?
  3. At what time of the day do you have a big meal?
  4. When do you have a snack?
  5. When do you feel relaxed? Why?
  6. What time of the day is you stress level highest? Why?
  7. What time of the day do you normally feel tired? Why?
  8. What time of the day do you normally feel hungry?
  9. What time of the day do you normally feel worried? Why?

VII What would you do if these things happened?

  1. If you were in a supermarket and saw a person steal a few expensive chocolates, would you tell someone?
  2. If you saw your best friends boyfriend kissing another girl would you tell her?
  3. If you found a wallet with $1500 cash in it, would you try to return it?
  4. If you saw some young kids bullying another kid would you step in?
  5. If you saw large teenager boys bullying another teenager, would you step in?
  6. If a woman came banging at your door asking for help, would you let her in?
  7. What would you like to do in the future?
  8. What would you do if you were rich?
  9. What would you do if you were poor?
  10. What would you do if you were the principal of your school?
  11. What would you do if you could suddenly speak German?
  12. What would you do if you won a lottery?

VIII  Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate verb form – Future Simple or am / is / are going to.

  1. I think she _______ be a very good mother.
  2. After he graduates, he _______ become a lawyer.
  3. A: It’s cold in here!  B: I _______ turn off the air-conditioning.
  4. They are so excited about their holiday. They _______ stay in a five-star hotel.
  5. A: I can’t hear you. B: I ________ turn the TV down.
  6. He’s already decided. He ________ buy a new car.
  7. I hope everything _______ turn out right.
  8. A: I feel dizzy. B: Sit down and I ______ get you a glass of water.
  9. A: I don’t know how to use this photocopier. B: Don’t worry. I _______ show you.
  10. Look at the girl!  She ________ fall off the chair.

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